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Web Dials – About Us

Web Dials Smart Receptionist is the latest addition of the Smart VO Group in 2008. Our group of companies currently handle over 2000 clients as of 2008. We pride ourselves being the best and most innovative in the industry. Since our start in 2006, we have expanded rapidly to be serving well over 2000 clients worldwide. Our clientele spans over 45 countries across 4 contients.

With the vast experience handling high volume customer service for ourselves, we enter into the phone market to help clients handle their customers in the same professional way we are handling our own clientele. Believing that we can help you save precious dollars while still maintaining or improving on your professional image, Web Dials was born.

Our strongest belief that without clients we are nothing helped propelled us to our current capabilities today. We are forging strongly ahead to meet new challenges in the Call business and wish you be able to experience what we can help you do and save.



Bill Ang
Group Director
SmartVO Group of Companies