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Webdials – Services

Our services are modular based so you add only necessary modules to suite your needs in the company. Rather than a take all or nothing packages, you can now customize the features you need and pay for only what you need, nothing more.

We have a total of 7 services with 3 optional services.

  • Call Redirection
  • Classic Call Answering
  • Realtime SMS Alert
  • Assisted Call Forwarding
  • Presales
  • Order Taking
  • E Commerce
  • Debt Collection ( Optional & Coming Soon)
  • Sales Followup ( Optional & Coming Soon)
  • Scheduling / Booking Services ( Optional & Coming Soon)

Call Redirection

Need a Singapore Number ot be redirected to you. We provide the solution to allow you to transfer you locally or internationally seamlessly, so your clients will think you have a receptionist.

Classic Call Answering

We answers your calls in the name of your company or any other greeting you’d like. We will explain that you are not available and take a message on behalf of you. The content of the message is sent to you in an email.

Realtime SMS Alert

Send you an SMS together with the caller’s details after each message is sent to your email allowing you real time knowledge of the call. This service is extended to both local and international mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world.

Assisted Call Forwarding

Upon receiving your call, we would call you up first, announcing to you the caller’s details. If you would like to speak with the caller, we would bridge the call to you like a receptionist. However, if you would not like to take the call, we will take the message and send it like a the classic call answering call. This is like a real receptionist, working seamlessly, and the caller thinks you are in the office.

Presales Management

We handle standard enquiries of frequently answered questions of your company. In this way, you are freed of handling these daily operational tasks

Order Taking

Need someone to take an order online, create an invoice and bill the customer. Try our order taking module and you instantly have the ability to add products and services and have us bill your clients for you without adding a full time staff to your payroll. All the benefits without the price or turn over.

E Commerce

If clients would like to pay online with their credit card, we are able to take the order and process the credit card by phone. This helps to increase the trust level of customers as they are talking to real people. Our system DO NOT store their credit card details. Once the transaction is completed, the credit card information is forgotten. Having a phone payment option enabled would increase your sales dramatically as your clients now speak to real people when processing their payment.

Scheduling Services

We act as your personal assistant, helping you schedule meeting and venues to meet with your client. When the schedule is confirmed, we will inform you by SMS alert, the venue and location, and even send you reminders so that you will be punctual for the meetings.