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Why choose us?

Webdials’s Smart Receptionist services are built on a modular basis so that you pay for only what you use, nothing more. Our Smart Receptionist is able to handle a varied range of tasks including:

  • Traditional Call Answering
  • Assisted Call Forwarding
  • Presales Enquiries
  • Help Desk
  • Technical Support
  • Order Taking
  • Customer Support
  • E Commerce

The basic service start from as low as $800 a month.

The Best Staff You’ve Ever Had

At Web Dials, your Smart Receptionist answers your calls in the name of your company or any other greeting you’d like. Next, we screen each call according to your exact instructions. We then dial your extension (or any other number you’ve left with us), and announce the call to you. It’s like hiring a full time receptionist, a sales representative, a secretary, an admin stuff all wrapped into one. We don’t physically come to your office, so you can reduce the cost of getting one. The Smart Receptionist works with any phone system and any number of employees, providing individualized support to each member of your company.

Multiple Roles

The Smart Receptionist is equipped instantly to handle multiple roles in your company. Our staff is trained to handle calls on enquiry, sales, any business functions that can be perfomed over the phone even taking credit card payment. This will save you both time and money while reducing the worries of high turn over in your company.

The Best Staff In Town

Our Smart Receptionist staff truly represents the best receptionists in town. We’ve gone through the process of interviewing, hiring and training the best local candidates, and they’re ready to be your receptionist with a single phone call from you.

Full Coverage

At Webdials, the Smart Receptionist is a team of staff working seamlessly together. This way you’ll never have to worry about phone calls not being answered due to vacations, lunch breaks or even sick days. You’ll also have the support of multiple roll-over lines for incoming calls, so your callers never receive a busy signal. This provides full redundancy rather than having just one receptionist sittin in your office.

Highly Personalized

The Smart Receptionist is highly customized. We use advanced CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) to keep our staff up to speed on your latest needs in real time, and you can call throughout the day to add or change anything about the way we handle your calls. Each member of your company can update their preferences and other information as frequently as they need to.